All information about our CBD bonus program:

Thank you for your loyalty!

We just want to say “thank you” to our regular customers, not just once, but every time we place an order! That’s why we now have our bonus program!

Earn points

Earning points works easily and automatically with every order. For 5 euros spent (shipping costs excluded!) you will receive a bonus point from us each. More on this below.

Redeem bonus points

From 100 points collected, you can either redeem them as a discount on your next order, exchange them for products at a preferential price during special promotions (see newsletter) or donate to a non-profit organization.

How can I earn points?

There are several ways to earn bonus points:

  • Create a customer account (50 points) Simply create a customer account, we will give you a starting credit of 50 points.
    We have also credited 50 bonus points to all existing customers.
  • NEW: Subscribe to the newsletter (20 points) Simply create a customer account, we will give you a starting credit of 5 points.
  • Rate a product you bought (15 points)
    For every product you buy and then rate, you will be credited with 10 bonus points.
  • Loyalty bonus on every order You will automatically receive a bonus point for every order for €5 in goods value. (Attention: Shipping costs excluded)

From 20 bonus points earned, you can redeem them in the following ways:

  • Redeem as a discount for your next order Simply click on the appropriate field in the shopping cart or on the checkout page and enter the number of bonus points to be redeemed. The discount will then be automatically credited to you. The exchange rate is currently 10:1. (10 bonus points = 1€)
  • Swap for products during an action There are regular promotions where you can exchange your collected bonus points for different products at a very attractive course. Just subscribe to our newsletter to avoid missing any action!
  • Donate bonus points (coming soon) Soon you will also have the opportunity to donate your bonus points to a non-profit organization. More on this soon here.

You can see your current score as well as all account movements under the menu item “My Account”.